Beatmakers for Grades 6-8

Select a Beatmakers for Grades 6-8 League Event

Monday & Wednesday

Meets 09/01/2021 5:00:00 PM CST

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Showcase on September 30th

Monday & Wednesday

Meets 10/04/2021 5:00:00 PM CST

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Starts on October 04th

Monday & Wednesday

Meets 11/01/2021 5:00:00 PM CST

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Starts on November 01st

Price: 1 image

Grades: 6-8

Length: 1 hr(s)

Tools: Laptop or Desktop Computer, Microphone, Zoom, Reaper

In This League

    Students in this league will learn about music design from the basics to producing a full piece. 
    Learn the basics of music composure and how to use the software to create music.
    Create your own tracks with help from our coaches or your classmates.
    Recieve tips and feedback from classmates to help you improve your own music.
    Find your own unique style of music creation!

    Learning Goals:

    • Music design
    • Digital audio studios
    • Collaboration
    • Sound design

    Requires Reaper

    Download and install Reaper

    Requires Zoom

    Download and install Zoom


Parent Reviews

Michael Tennant

“Jared had such a great time. I’m not very good with technology but we were up and roling with no problem!”

Barry Johnson

“My son learned to work with his team and reach new heights with his new training techniques. He’s so focused now!”

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