These Tourneys will inspire, challenge,
and connect you with other adventurous
learners. Compete and practice newly learned skills on
everything from creating the best comic book
hero to Rocket League.

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Tourneys for Grades 3 - 5

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Tourneys for Grades 6 - 8

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Loved By Parents and Kids

Jeff Middleton

“My child can’t get enough of these tournaments. He looks forward to them every week. He shows me the creative stories and art he comes up with, and after only a few lessons I’m blown away with how engaged he is making comics.”

Ella Johanson

“My son won’t stop talking about this class. It was his first experience with online camps, though he’s done some things with his school. He kept working on his project for hours afterwards, and connecting was SO easy. He was so excited to connect with other kids who love telling stories.”

Awards & Prizes

We host tournaments of many different types depending on the game or challange.


Foundry Bucks


(e.g Xbox X , Playstation, ipad)


Gift Cards