Rocket League Masters

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Price: 1 image

Grades: 6-8

Length: 1hr(s)

Tools: Laptop of Desk Computer, Microphone

In This Tournament

    Drop it like it's Shot: Dropshot Rocket League tourneys will challenge your wits and give you a chance to show of your skills. Show everyone what you've got as you aim for the top spot each week.

    All Gassed Up: A standard Rocket League Tourney with a twist: all players will have unlimited boost! It sounds great, but do you have the skills to control your car in this fast-paced Rocket League showdown?

    Requires Rocket League

    1. Install Epic Games Launcher (Free) - Epic Games
    2. Install Rocket League (Free) - Psyonix

    Requires Zoom

    Download and install Zoom



Parent Reviews

Sarah MacDonald

“I love watching my son engaged by a new mission each day. Tracking progress became easier and he’s always creating new plans!”

Amanda Smith

“My kids loved it and were engaged the whole way through. Coach Ethan helped them stick with projects and build a tower they were so excited to show me.”

Tourneys for Grades 6 - 8

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I never thought my son could be so focused on anything...

- Ingrid Smith